From the Mouths of Our Golfers

KIDS FOR LIFE (KFL) has found that many of our attendees continue to attend this golf tournament and other KFL sponsored events from year to year.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure once you participate in one of our events, you continue to return for more fun as well!

“If laughter is good for the soul, Shots Fore Tots is like soul super food. Great people having cocktails while laughing until your face hurts!” — Tom Demarest

“For the last two years I have volunteered for the Shots Fore Tots golf event and have to say I look forward to it every year. It is a wonderful opportunity to participate in something for a great cause while helping the golfers have an awesome time that they will never forget! The Shots Fore Tots tournament raises a lot of money and everyone has a lot of fun while doing it. It’s a win-win for everyone!”  — Ava Kay DeFonzo

“Where cocktails and shenanigans meets charity!” — David Friday